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Thank you for your interest in reviewing proposals for NASA STEM Engagement opportunities! Before you begin, please read through the form to be sure you have all requested information available; for example, we request that you upload a current resume (.doc, .pdf, .txt, or .rtf formats are acceptable).

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You may answer any, all or none of these questions. WHY THIS INFORMATION IS BEING REQUESTED: NASA requests demographic data in order 1. To help assure statistical validity. 2. To evaluate outputs and outcomes from Congressionally-mandated programs 3. To evaluate and improve NASA programs and policies. The limited demographic data will be used to measure whether NASA education activities are: 1. Serving individuals regardless of demographic category; 2. Providing individuals from ethnic, racial, gender or disability groups traditionally under participating in STEM have the same knowledge of and access to NASA programs, meetings, vacancies, reviewer opportunities, and other research and educational opportunities. 3. Acknowledging global aspects of NASA funded activities.
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The information on the form will be used in connnection with the selection of qualified reviewers and enables program offices to reference specific reviewers and maintain appropriate files for use in evaluating applications for grants or other support.
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