Become a Reviewer: Merit Review Factors

Peer Review Evaluation Criteria for 2019 TEAM II Proposals

The evaluation criteria are based upon NASA’s 2018 Strategic Plan, NASA’s Guidebook for Proposers, and federal education priorities and strategic directions. The evaluation factors include Intrinsic Merit, Relevance to NASA Objectives, and Budget/Cost.  An outline is provided below.  For details, please see the 2019 NASA TEAM II NRA, Section 6.1 Proposal Review Criteria.

1.     Intrinsic Merit (40%)

a)     Quality and Feasibility

b)    Audience and Stakeholder Focus

c)    Partnerships

d)    Project Evaluation (1/4 of Intrinsic Merit weight, or 10%)

2.    Relevance to NASA Objectives (40%)

a)     Content

b)    Continuity

c)     Diversity

3.     Budget/Cost (20%)