Become a Reviewer: Information for New Reviewers

Register Your Interest in Being a Reviewer for NASA STEM Engagement Proposals

NASA Office of STEM Engagement is recruiting qualified reviewers for external peer reviews of proposals submitted to education proposal opportunities.

Information about opportunities will be posted at NSPIRES, the NASA Headquarters solicitations website.

Qualified reviewers are invited to express their qualifications, interest and availability by registering via this website. The registration form is available by clicking on the 'Register to Be Considered as a Reviewer' link below.

Information for Reviewers

NASA's STEM Engagement program relies on merit review by members of the STEM education community. We invite you to learn more about STEM Engagement at NASA, our review process, and opportunities to become a reviewer for NASA STEM Engagement proposals.

It is important for you to know that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration reserves the right to choose reviewers. While we are unable to assure you that you will be asked to review proposals, we do attempt to call upon as many qualified reviewers as possible, and we try to limit the number of requests that we make to any single individual, recognizing the many demands our reviewers have on their time.


If you have any questions about reviewing for NASA Education or the on-line reviewer application form, please contact Bev Girten at  or Leslie Lowes at