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Earth Day poster

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. It’s no mere coincidence that was during the Apollo missions – they let us see our home planet in a new way. Print out some Apollo-Earth Day posters here.

2019:  #PictureEarth

Earth 101


  • Alliance members can use our latest Earth Science Telecon resources to show audiences how NASA Earth Science is saving time, money, and lives in disaster areas across the globe.
  • Earth Day 2018 (#NASA4EARTH) spotlights how NASA pioneers and supports an amazing range of advanced technologies and tools to help scientists and environmental specialists better understand and protect our home planet.
  • Celebrating Earth's Beauty - Looking for Earth images?  The best Earth images are usually kept here.  You can just print out your favorites, and maybe laminate them for longevity. Alternatively, you can use the official NASA ebook / iPad app, "Earth as Art."Here's one of our all-time favorites from the gallery, an Earthrise:



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