Uniview: Lord of the Rings - Cassini

Event Date: 
Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Event Time: 
3:30pm - 4:00pm
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Uniview - Lord of the Rings 

 NASA’s epic 13-year long mission at Saturn will reach its fiery conclusion on September 15th this year when the Cassini spacecraft dramatically plunges into the gas giant and burns up in its atmosphere. This show follows in Cassini’s footsteps, exploring the incredibly beautiful vistas provided by Saturn, its rings, and its many exotic moons. Along the way we’ll uncover some of Cassini’s biggest discoveries, such as geysers venting from an underground ocean on one of Saturn’s icy moons, and lakes and rivers of liquefied “natural gas” on Saturn’s planet-sized moon Titan.

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Planetarium Show
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Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune
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Peoria Riverfront Museum

222 SW Washington St.
PeoriaIllinois 61602
United States