International Space Station 360 for VR or planetarium shows


Virtual Reality (VR) tour of the International Space Station, from the European Space Agency (ESA).
If the link is broken above, you can try their Flickr page: 

Usable by Google Cardboard via the YouTube video links, and downloadable through Flickr.  Place these on a full digital sphere in your planetarium for a fully immersive planetarium show about the ISS.  (e.g. in Digital Sky, use a spherical primitive, or in Uniview, set it as a -90 to +90 panorama for a given location, see our VR resource for example Digital Sky buttons if you need help doing that, just let us know.)

For a web-based experience, complete with embedded videos and information:

In addition, NASA created a video tour of the ISS:

And a fisheye flythrough set to music:  

You may also be interested in our other VR/360 video resources including a downloadable version of the Astronaut Training video.

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