Recreating the Birthplace of Apollo

Event Date: 
Saturday, July 20, 2019
Event Description: 

On July 20, 2019, the city of Downey, CA (the birthplace of the Apollo capsules and space shuttles) will be transported  50 years in the past, with thematic activities happening in designated locations around the city and the Columbia Memorial Space Center as the hub of all the action. The entire community will be invited to be a part of this event by dressing up in vintage clothing and participating in space related activities around town.   

While it has undergone tremendous change in 50 years, Downey still possesses the same spirit and energy it had during the Apollo Era. To give 21st century residents a sense of what living in a space town was like 50 years ago while Apollo 11 was landing on the Moon, the CMSC is working with the city and other organizations to recreate the Downey of July 1969 by encouraging legacy businesses and all members of the public to dress like the Apollo era.  The CMSC plans to coordinate with several businesses, such as Bob’s Big Boy, to recreate the 1969 atmosphere. 


Event Type: 
Hands-on Activities
Open to the General Public?: 
Apollo 50th Anniversaries
Apollo 11,  Apollo Program
Event Location: 

Columbia Memorial Space Center

12400 Columbia Way
DowneyCalifornia 90242
United States
Additional Comments: 
Come dressed in your best 1969 outfit!