Public Museum Alliance Conversations

last updated: 1/10/2018

The Museum Alliance features teleconference conversations with NASA scientists, engineers, and other experts.  Museum Alliance members get to talk live with these experts regularly to hear about the latest science, get materials and resources, as well as ask questions.  Members also have access to our archive of over 500 past conversations on a wide range of topics, all recorded, transcribed, and complete with presentation materials.  NASA Affiliates, including STARNet Libaries, Solar System Ambassadors, the Night Sky Network, Earth to Sky, and others, also have access to our live and archived conversations.  Ask your organization's coordinator for information on how to access them.  

Occasionally, we are able to share some archived sessions with the general public, like the ones below.  Click on a title image to find audio recordings, transcripts, and presentation files, all of which are free to use.

Latest: InSight Mission to Mars:

     Landing Insight     Marsquakes

GLOBE Observer App:

Using NASA Satellite Data to Predict and Respond to Water-related and Vector-borne Diseases     Mosquito Habitat Mapper     GLOBE

Juno Mission to Jupiter telecons:

Juno Science Update 2017-07-26     Juno

SLS - Space Launch System telecons:

EM-1 Mission Update     Space Launch System Update: Solid Rocket Booster     First Mission into the Proving Ground and a Step Closer to Mars

SSERVI - Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute telecons:

The Anatomy of the Blue Dragon Lava Flow     Sparks on the Moon     NASA Solar System Trek     Walking with the Last Men on the Moon     Artificial Spatter Piles     Preparing for the Next Generation of Planetary Surface Exploration     Mission Planning for Robotic and Human Exploration     Planetary Geochronology     Origin of the Moon     The New Moon     Human Scientific Field Exploration - Lessons From Earth To Get Us To Mars     Impact Cratering in the Solar System     Geology: Field Investigations to Enable Solar System Science and Exploration


Other public conversation series:

Cassini series:

Cassini telecon series

MAVEN - Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission series:


This special resource has been made available to all viewers.  Please note that (free) membership is required for full access to the Museum Alliance site; please visit Join Our Community to learn more. 


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