Human Exploration & Operations Topics

Suni EVA 250

Updated:  1/29/19

The Human Exploration & Operations Communication Teamcreated a series of topics focusing on extending human presence in the solar system.

This series is broken down into topics and each topic will include themed outreach materials that can be used in your institution’s programs and exhibits.  Everyone is invited to participate in these themes, and resources will be posted here as they become available.  For Museum Alliance members, review the December 12th overview teleconference.  NASA Affiliates, including STARNet LibariesSolar System Ambassadors, the Night Sky NetworkEarth to Sky, and others, also have access to that telecon as well as more than 500 archived and upcoming teleconferences on a wide range of NASA topics.  Ask your organization's coordinator for information on how to access them.  

A basic digital package of resources will include:

  1. Key messages and story focus
  2. 10-15 minute presentation with script
  3. Explainer Videos
  4. Social media materials
  5. Print products
  6. Education outreach lessons and activities
  7. Raw files for designers
  8. Potential Virtual Outreach Events

The Exploration Topics and links to resources:

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