Design Your Habitat

Event Date: 
Saturday, August 1, 2020
Design Your Habitat
Event Description: 
What would be the perfect space you imagine for yourself, either here on Earth, in space, or on another planet? Share your ideas and creations!
Everyone is living in a more isolated and confined way right now.
​Let's use this experience to imagine what it would be like to travel through space or live on a distant planet.   We have fun activities under 8 themes related to our current Earth habitats and those on space crafts, stations and outposts. Activities are for all ages, but especially accessible to youth 10-18 years old.

Check for new releases, or follow us for announcements. ​**Educators, and Entrepreneurs**
Want to contribute an activity to support youth worldwide? Register here! Through partnership with Space Center Houston, you may also be eligible for Continuing Professional Education credits. Plans and final activities must be approved. To help think about proposals, see list of suggested subthemes.   
Event Type: 
Hands-on Activities
Open to the General Public?: 
Human Exploration and Operations,  _Other
Apollo Program,  Artemis,  Artemis Program,  ISS - International Space Station,  _Other (please include the mission in your description)
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SciArt Exchange

HoustonTexas 77062
United States