60 Minutes in Space

Event Date: 
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
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The Museum's space scientists will take you 'behind the stories' in space science and use the best images and animation available to explain new developments. First-come, first-served seating.

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Lecture / Talk
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No (e.g., registration required, teachers only, private event, etc.)
Asteroids & Comets,  Astrobiology,  Astronomy,  Astrophysics,  Dwarf Planets,  Earth,  Human Exploration and Operations,  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune,  Mars,  Mercury & Venus,  Science,  Sun,  Universe
Cassini,  Chandra,  Hubble,  International Space Station,  Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter,  Mars Exploration Rovers,  Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO),  MESSENGER,  Rosetta,  Space Shuttle,  Spitzer,  STEREO
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Denver Museum of Nature & Science

2001 Colorado Blvd
DenverColorado 80205
United States
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Lecture is typically held in the Gates Planetarium. Check DMNS website monthly for updates.