2016 Mercury Transit - LIVE @ MIT Wallace Observatory

Event Date: 
Monday, May 9, 2016
Event Time: 
7:00am - 3:00pm
MIT Wallace Astrophysical Observatory
Event Description: 

EAPS (MIT's Department of Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences) and the MIT Wallace Astrophysical Observatory are hosting a simultaneous event including in-person viewing through telescopes at MIT and live broadcasting of Mercury passing in front of the Sun on May 9, 2016. It's a relatively rare event and Wallace Observatory will be streaming it on YouTube from around 7AM until 3PM. 

Visit the landing page for general info about your options in viewing the event at MIT as well as links to the streaming options.  For specific info about Wallace Observatory and the event, please visit the Facebook page. We will provide the YouTube direct link as the event gets closer.

The LIVE streaming will be from MIT's Wallace Astrophysical Observatory located in Westford, MA, USA.  We will be using a Celestron C14 telescope with solar filter and a color CCD camera to broadcast.  YouTube Link

The in-person telescope viewing of the event will take place on MIT campus in Cambridge, MA, USA near building 54.  There will be live Tweeting of the on-campus activities as well.

Specific questions about the event can be directed to Observatory Manager: Tim Brothers, bro at mit.edu 

Stay tuned for more details and be sure to check it out!

Event Type: 
Hands-on Activities
Telescope Viewing
Open to the General Public?: 
Astronomy,  Mercury & Venus,  Sun
Event Location: 

MIT Wallace Astrophysical Observatory

50 Groton Rd.
WestfordMassachusetts 01886
United States