Human Scientific Field Exploration - Lessons From Earth To Get Us To Mars

Conversation Date: 
Monday, November 2, 2015
12:00 PM PDT (3:00 PM EDT)

Overview: As humans venture into deep space and onwards to Mars, terrestrial analogs can play a key role in our preparations for these complex voyages. In addition to their scientific value, analogs afford the exploration community a means to safely prepare and test exploration strategies for future robotic and human planetary missions. While there are various analog studies that are each focused on a particular aspect of strategic development, this presentation will focus on field programs that integrate real (non-simulated) science and simulated deep space and Mars mission conditions. These research programs help to drive out operational concepts and functional requirements that enable and enhance science return during human exploration missions. Specifically, the NASA funded Pavilion Lake Research Project  (PLRP, and the BASALT (Biologic Analog Science Associated with Lava Terrains, research programs will be discussed.

Speaker: Darlene Lim is a geobiologist, and also specializes in the development of human operations concepts for scientific exploration. Dr. Lim has spent over two decades leading field research around the world, in locations as remote as the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as in deserts, volcanic regions, and various underwater environments where she has spent hours piloting submersibles as a scientist and explorer. Darlene is currently the Principal Investigator of the NASA funded BASALT research program and the Pavilion Lake Research Project, and Deputy PI of the FINESSE (Field Investigations to Enable Solar System Science and Exploration) program.  These projects include scientists, engineers, astronauts, students, and operations experts from various institutions, agencies and commercial entities around the world. Darlene Lim is based at the NASA Ames Research Center.

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