STEM Family Night Guide & Kits

STEM Family Nights are a school-wide evening event to engage teachers, students, and family members in STEM as well as highlight Launchpad student projects. These events incorporated STEM fields through interactive hands-on engineering, science, and technology activities and demonstrations led by teachers and supported by volunteer STEM professionals in the surrounding community. To support implementation, Communities in Schools San Antonio provided each site with turnkey STEM activity kits that include all the materials and technology needed for the activity, a teacher guide, student instructions, handouts and a trifold board with STEM real-world and career connections. All materials were also in English and Spanish along with QR codes for extra resources. Links include NASA apps, websites, and current events.

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Educator guide/manual
Target Age Range: 
Elementary school (K-4)
Middle school (5-8)
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Date of Release/Opening: 
September 15, 2020