Engineering-themed out-of-school time activities

The Engineering Adventures program from the Museum of Science offers exciting out-of-school time activities and experiences that allow all learners to act as engineers and engage in the engineering design process through fun hands-on activities based on real-world engineering challenges. The program’s goal is to positively impact children’s attitudes about their abilities to engineer by providing activities developed specifically for the varied landscapes of out-of-school time settings. Two engaging and exciting units were developed for the Engineering MISSION project—Liftoff: Engineering Rockets and Rovers focuses on aerospace engineering and The Sky’s the Limit focuses on aeronautical engineering. These activities offer opportunities for students to practice critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork while exploring important NASA themes. Both units engage students with 6 to 10 individual activities, use easy-to-access materials, and include background information and clear instructions to facilitate ease of use. Both units, and five other Engineering Adventures units, are available free-of-charge on the Engineering Adventures website.

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Educator guide/manual
Target Age Range: 
Middle school (5-8)
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Date of Release/Opening: 
June 30, 2014