Taking Flight at Edventure
Now Open! FLIGHT incorporates real airplanes throughout the exhibit - including right through the wall! In addition to "flying" a Boeing 757 emerging from the side of the building, visitors experience a learning theater made from airplane fuselage and seats, a "Flight School" with Boeing 777 simulators, an airplane manufacturing robot, a paper airplane test flight station, and more.
New NASA Content for After School Educators
"Beyond the Chalkboard" is a curriculum website developed by Boston Children’s Museum that brings museum-style informal education into after-school programs. New earth and space science activities connect educators to exciting NASA projects and science in a format that is accessible for anyone.  
Exploring Life in Space Together
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has created a major new exhibition, Beyond Spaceship Earth, that immerses families in life on the International Space Station. Award #NNX14AD06A
Discovering a City's Stars
The Franklin Institute Science Museum proves astronomy is indeed part of the urban experience by empowering community-­‐based organizations across Philadelphia to provide STEM learning in their neighborhoods. Award #NNX12AL21G
Finding a Place in Space
The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago immerses teachers in inquiry-­based space science with Our Place in Space, which was then adapted to support science learning in regional afterschool programs, most in historically underserved areas, and through a city-wide summer learning challenge in partnership with the Chicago Public Library system. Award #NNX14AQ66G