NASA STEM Engagement in Action
While 2020 presented a unique set of challenges, it also created space to directly engage students by offering virtual experiences, creating new opportunities, and deploying innovative platforms to reach students remotely. 
Autonomous Plant Systems Challenge
Teams of innovators in high school and college are challenged to design, build and test a smart system that can grow plants without human interaction over a 30-day period.
NASA Expands Informal Learning Institutions Engaging Next Generation of Explorers
NASA’s TEAM II program has selected three additional informal education organizations to promote learning in STEM with the goal of inspiring the next generation of explorers.
2020-2021 Growing Beyond Earth Maker Contest
You can help NASA’s mission for long-distance space exploration with this critical component for sustaining life beyond Earth – growing edible plants!
Rocket Launch Live Exploration
Relive the celebrations of Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary with this special trip to the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia.  
Go on a Mars Mission with Mars Base Eagle
Wings of Eagles Discovery Center has released three Mars Mission Operations Manuals, full of compelling science lessons for middle school students.
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