New NASA Content for After School Educators
"Beyond the Chalkboard" is a curriculum website developed by Boston Children’s Museum that brings museum-style informal education into after-school programs. New earth and space science activities connect educators to exciting NASA projects and science in a format that is accessible for anyone.  
Immersing Teens in NASA Science
NASA funding helped propel the American Museum of Natural History towards an endowed program for New York City high school students to conduct research with scientific mentors in fields including astrophysics and planetary science. The program’s success also inspired a multi-partner mentoring consortium, serving diverse students across New York City. Award #NNX09AL36G
Exploring Life in Space Together
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has created a major new exhibition, Beyond Spaceship Earth, that immerses families in life on the International Space Station. Award #NNX14AD06A
Discovering a City's Stars
The Franklin Institute Science Museum proves astronomy is indeed part of the urban experience by empowering community-­‐based organizations across Philadelphia to provide STEM learning in their neighborhoods. Award #NNX12AL21G
Finding a Place in Space
The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago immerses teachers in inquiry-­based space science with Our Place in Space, which was then adapted to support science learning in regional afterschool programs, most in historically underserved areas, and through a city-wide summer learning challenge in partnership with the Chicago Public Library system. Award #NNX14AQ66G