Engineering MISSION
The Museum of Science, Boston has created educational resources for out-of-school time environments to strengthen engineering education for middle school students (Award # NNX12AL19G). Join the mission, learn more…
Mission to Mars
The Museum of Science + Industry in Chicago designed "Mission to Mars" to inspire NASA's next generation of explorers. Through inquiry-based, hands-on learning experiences students collaborate to plan the steps for launching to, landing on and living on the Red Planet. Award #NNX10AD93G
Aquarium of the Pacific
NASA, the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center partnered to create a new program for the public. Our Instrumented Earth is a exhibit-based show that debuted at the Aquarium, OMSI, and NASA GSFC Visitor Center in 2013, serving communities in California, Oregon, and Maryland. Award # NNX12AL16G.
Children's Museum of Indianapolis - Flight Adventures Educator's Guide
Through the Curious Scientific Investigators (CSI): Flight Adventures project, students will learn that aircraft models are tools we use to explore the science of flight and will become aviators by building, testing, and flying model aircraft. Award # NNX10AK16A