Congratulations, Exploration Place!
Their Design Build Fly was recognised as an Innovative Example of Intentional Practice by the American Alliance of Museums.
Go on a Mars Mission with Mars Base Eagle
Wings of Eagles Discovery Center has released three Mars Mission Operations Manuals, full of compelling science lessons for middle school students.
A Winning Video About a Winning Program!
The WEX Foundation's video about their Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites (LCATS) project received Facilitators' Choice recognition in the National Science Foundation's STEM for All Video showcase.
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Students Speak With Astronauts
Growing Beyond Earth Project students spoke with NASA astronauts living and working aboard the International Space Station.
Taking Flight at Edventure
Now Open! FLIGHT incorporates real airplanes throughout the exhibit - including right through the wall! In addition to "flying" a Boeing 757 emerging from the side of the building, visitors experience a learning theater made from airplane fuselage and seats, a "Flight School" with Boeing 777 simulators, an airplane manufacturing robot, a paper airplane test flight station, and more.
Exploring Life in Space Together
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has created a major new exhibition, Beyond Spaceship Earth, that immerses families in life on the International Space Station. Award #NNX14AD06A
Discovering a City's Stars
The Franklin Institute Science Museum proves astronomy is indeed part of the urban experience by empowering community-­‐based organizations across Philadelphia to provide STEM learning in their neighborhoods. Award #NNX12AL21G
Finding a Place in Space
The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago immerses teachers in inquiry-­based space science with Our Place in Space, which was then adapted to support science learning in regional afterschool programs, most in historically underserved areas, and through a city-wide summer learning challenge in partnership with the Chicago Public Library system. Award #NNX14AQ66G
Texas Students Explore Caves on Earth to Learn About Caves on the Moon
The first cohort of young space explorers participating in the Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites (LCATS) program are shown in action in a new short video, learning about lunar exploration science, and exploring the Robber Baron Cave in San Antonio, Texas.
Focusing a Wider Lens
People around the world and throughout time have used tools to observe the sky. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry's Lenses on the Sky outreach events, hands-on activities, teacher and family materials, and bilingual exhibition are all built around this universal yet highly personal concept. Award #NNX15AB03G.
Activating Teens as Educators
Teens in the Pipeline for Remote Sensing Education and Application project at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center teach younger students and the public about remote sensing, building community awareness and interest in the subject while increasing their own career skills and interests in STEM.