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Click here for the member application form - Informal education professionals are invited to apply for a free membership to the NASA Museum Alliance.  We process applications on a rolling basis.  Please remember to use your professional email address on your application, not your personal one, if possible.  Not sure what "informal education professional" means?  Read more below and always feel free to email us with questions or to follow up on your application.  

playing at a museumThe Museum Alliance was created to be the "front door" to NASA for the world of informal education.  Likewise, for NASA programs, the Alliance is the "front door" to access the world of informal education.  The Alliance is meant to be the starting point for all informal educators who are seeking free NASA educational resources and services.  On the other side, the Alliance is also the place where NASA experts can find a ready-made audience who can engage the worldwide public about their work, their information, and their educational products and services. 

We are a NASA-centric STEAM "community of practice," comprising of informal educators, staff, and leadership. This includes all informal educational organizations, namely, all those outside of the traditional K-12 school system, but also some inside; see a list of examples below.  We, of course, also include NASA staff and scientists.  NASA has a great library of funded curriculum and activities, multimedia, planetarium shows, professional learning, marketing, and networking platforms.  The Alliance is designed to save time for you and your staff/docents by helping you navigate, find, or even create exactly what you need to teach your audiences about STEAM topics.  If your organization is already a member, it makes signing up for your own account even easier.  If not, we'd love to add your organization to our network.  

professional developmentIn addition, we also offer informal educators direct, regular access to NASA experts, to answer all of your STEAM education questions and to keep your staff updated on the latest at NASA.  We continue to host more than 500 different live teleconferences and resources, all recorded and archived, on a variety of topics, geared specifically towards informal education.  Topics include hard science, exhibits, planetarium shows, hands-on workshops, and out of school programs.  See some examples in our public conversations.  Save yourself hours of research by simply hearing from, and asking questions of, the source directly.  

Finally, we act as liasons between, and advocates for, our members to NASA leadership, telling them what resources our members use and need the most.  So, get your voice heard on what NASA can do to help you further engage and grow your STEAM education audiences.  

"Informal education" is a constantly evolving field, and the Alliance is here to evolve with it, providing resources to better engage and inspire your informal audiences, whatever that means to you.  Join the Alliance!

Map of Members

Over 1,900 Alliance members include, but are not limited to, representatives from the following types of organizations, in no particular order:

  • federal and non-federal NASA Visitor Centers and affiliates
  • air and space centers
  • aviation museums
  • children’s museums
  • natural history museums
  • observatories
  • planetariums
  • science and technology centers
  • libraries
  • out-of-school-time organizations (e.g. after school programs, summer camps)
  • youth-serving organizations (e.g. YMCAs, YWCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, Scouts, 4-H)
  • aquariums
  • arboretums
  • zoos
  • botanical gardens
  • nature centers
  • national, state, and local parks
  • Challenger Learning Centers, and other "learning centers"
  • education labs for students and/or teachers
  • theaters and auditoriums for astronomical shows
  • scientific and engineering societies
  • art and historical museums.

Don't see yourself in this list?  No worries.  Anyone is welcome to email us if you're looking for NASA resources, or if you have further questions:  Jeffrey.Nee@jpl.nasa.gov

member events  You can also use our public resources, e.g. our public conversations, find Museum Alliance member events near you, or view our public Museum Alliance calendar for NASA-related events, opportunities and anniversaries.

In addition, NASA has Museum Alliance analogues for essentially all other types of educators, including,

For more information, please review the Museum Alliance FAQ.  


The Museum Alliance was developed, and is managed by, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Education Office, at the California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena, California, for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).