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Be Virtual Guest at the Launch of the SpaceX Crew-2 Mission
In addition to viewing the launch on NASA Television, the agency’s website and the NASA App, registered virtual guests will have an opportunity to hear directly from astronauts and NASA officials, and ask questions too, through NASA social live offerings. 
Send a Pledge to the Moon
NASA is turning the page to a new chapter of human space exploration and need YOU to help with a Pledge of the Artemis Generation to Explore. Send us your video pledge and we’ll send it to the Moon aboard the Artemis I Mission. Deadline June 4, 2021.
Mars for Summer Camps
Whether camp is in person or online, join our Mission to Mars Student Challenge for Summer Camps trainings to bring the excitement of Mars to your campers!
Join the Trees Challenge!
Improve your observation skills, enrich your understanding of trees, learn why NASA studies trees, and be a part of a NASA-sponsored citizen science project!
NASA STEM Engagement in Action
While 2020 presented a unique set of challenges, it also created space to directly engage students by offering virtual experiences, creating new opportunities, and deploying innovative platforms to reach students remotely. 
CineSpace Short Film Competition
Filmmakers, both professional and aspiring, are invited to bring new visions to life using real-life space imagery from NASA. The submission period closes July 14, 2021.