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Now THAT'S a Summer Blockbuster!
Check out the Jupiter Orbit Insertion (JOI) trailer for the Juno Mission - if you weren't on the edge of your seat already, you will be!
Mars Explorers Wanted!
Eight printable posters, ready for download, show the diverse roles of future space explorers.
Orion Impact Tests
Engineers at NASA's Langley Research Center are using dummies in a series of water-impact tests to evaluate the Orion spacecraft and crew safety when they return from deep-space missions and touch down on Earth’s surface.
Surtur, Jarnsaxa, Greip and Loge
Saturn's moons (53 and counting) are as unique as their mythological namesakes. Named after Norse fire gods and giantesses, Surtur, Jarnsaxa, Greip and Loge were discoved ten years ago this month.  Pictured: Hyperion.
Solid Rocket Booster Test is Coming Soon!
Did you know that NASA is building the largest solid propellant rocket booster in the world? NASA will test a full-scale, test version of the booster on June 28, at the Orbital ATK test facility in Promontory, Utah which you can watch live.