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Peek Into The Clean Room - No Special Suit Required!
The biggest and most powerful space telescope ever built - the James Webb Space Telescope - just had its final primary mirror segment installed!  But you would already know that if you were watching the "Webb Cam."  (See what they did there?)
Getting to Know the NASA History Program
Class assignment? Personal curiosity? Check out the NASA History website for free access to primary and secondary sources, oral history transcripts, archived websites, still and video images, audio files, and every book they've ever published!
Be Part of A Special Museum Day Live!
Join institutions across the country on Saturday, March 12 for a special edition of the Smithsonian Institution's “Museum Day Live!” an annual nationwide event designed to get people into their local museums, science centers, and other cultural institutions. Taking place during Women’s History Month, the March event is meant for all visitors but is specially themed towards inspiring the nation’s girls.
Ham's Historic Flight
55 years ago, Ham became the first passenger aboard Mercury Redstone 2. Seemingly unfazed in this newsreel, Ham experienced higher velocity, altitude, and g-loads than planned and vehemently refused to return to the capsule for additional photos.
Need El Niño News?
The Center for Climate Sciences has an El Niño Observations page highlighting key spaceborne observations and news of the significant El Niño that continues to develop in Pacific Ocean.