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50 Years of Boldly Going
Star Trek premiered in 1966, days before astronauts Pete Conrad and Richard Gordon launched aboard Gemini XI. Since then, both reality and science fiction have come a long way, together.
Just Don't Ask Them About Dory
The crew of the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) 21 mission at the undersea Aquarius Reef Base perform research both inside and outside the habitat during a 16-day simulated space mission.
Meet The Mars 2020 Rover
The Mars 2020 rover will use the same sky crane landing system as Curiosity, but will have the ability to land in more challenging terrain with two enhancements, making more rugged sites eligible as safe landing candidates.
Kepler Confirms 100+ Exoplanets
An international team of astronomers has discovered and confirmed a treasure trove of new worlds using NASA’s Kepler spacecraft on its K2 mission. Among the findings tallying 197 initial planet candidates, scientists have confirmed 104 planets outside our solar system.
Exploring Jupiter
Humans have been studying Jupiter for more than 400 years; check out this short show to find out how!