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JunoCam at Jupiter
NASA’s Juno spacecraft is capturing amazing views of the gas giant planet; the JunoCam's raw images are available for the public to peruse and process into image products.
Building the Urban Air Mobility Ecosystem
Urban Air Mobility (UAM), is a safe and efficient air transportation system where everything from delivery drones to passenger-carrying air taxis operate over populated areas. NASA is committed to leading the UAM community to identify the key challenges, and is exploring the research, development and testing requirements needed to address those challenges.  
Five Ways Hurricanes Have Affected Puerto Rico’s Forests
Recently captured three-dimensional images of Puerto Rico’s forests, taken with Goddard’s Lidar, Hyperspectral, and Thermal Imager,  help scientists study how hurricanes change these forest ecosystems.
New Discovery in Turbulent Space
Scientists working with NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale spacecraft — MMS — have uncovered a new type of magnetic event in our near-Earth environment by using an innovative technique to squeeze extra information out of the data.
Meet Citizen Scientists
Every day enthusiastic amateurs worldwide are making discoveries and valuable contributions to NASA — and you can join them!