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Mars Storm Watch
A local dust storm started near Opportunity's location on June 1, and quickly ballooned to the size of North America and Russia combined. Several Mars missions are actively tracking the storm.
Exploring Ecosystem Carbon Flow
A team of scientists, equipped with advanced underwater robotics and an array of analytical instrumentation, sets sail this August to study the life and death of the small organisms that play a critical role in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and in the ocean’s carbon cycle.
On the Right Track
NASA’s Curiosity rover has found new evidence preserved in rocks on Mars that suggests the planet could have supported ancient life, as well as new evidence in the Martian atmosphere that relates to the search for current life on the Red Planet. While not necessarily evidence of life itself, these findings are a good sign for future missions exploring the planet’s surface and subsurface.
Global Imagery at Your Fingertips
Powerful Earth-observing instruments aboard NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites have observed nearly two decades of planetary change. Now, for the first time, all that imagery — from the first operational image to imagery acquired today — is available for exploration in Worldview.
Prepare for Asteroid Day
Learn how the Planetary Defense Coordination Office and other NASA-funded programs find, track and characterize asteroids and comets that could pose an impact threat to our planet.