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NASA OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Promotion and Research Challenge
NASA OPSPARC has just launched three missions for students. Explore the world of NASA Spinoff technology through scavenger hunts, solve problems by creating using web-based tools, or join engineering students in a 3D virtual world.
Jezero Crater, Here we Come!
NASA has chosen Jezero Crater as the landing site for its upcoming Mars 2020 rover mission after a five year search, during which every available detail of more than 60 candidate locations on the Red Planet was scrutinized and debated by the mission team and the planetary science community.
The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail from Space
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System and the 60th anniversary of NASA, the National Park Service, U.S. Geological Survey, and NASA have assembled satellite images highlighting sites along the route taken by Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery.
Adopt a Pixel for Science
The newest feature in NASA’s free GLOBE Observer app lets you photograph the landscape, identify land cover, and match your observations to satellite data to help NASA create more detailed satellite-based global maps.