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Aeronautics Poster Contest
Help NASA Aeronautics design safety posters for the Advanced Air Mobility Mission, an emerging air transportation system that will forever change how people and cargo are moved.
Build To Launch With LEGO Education and Artemis I
NASA is teaming with LEGO Education to put students in the shoes of NASA engineers, scientists and astronauts as they explore the STEAM concepts and careers behind the Artemis I mission to the Moon, through a 10-week interactive learning adventure.
Learn What Olympic Athletes and Objects in Space Have in Common
Whether it is a human body moving at the fastest speeds possible or the debris from an exploded star blasting through space, the physics of that motion is, in many ways, the same.
NASA's Human Exploration Rover Challenge (HERC)
One of seven Artemis Student Challenges, HERC challenges teams of high school and university students to design and build human-powered rovers to traverse obstacles on a demanding half-mile course.