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Jupiter, the Search for Life, a Newborn Island, and More
NASA researchers presenting new findings at the annual American Geophysical Union meeting will be live streamed on the agency’s website.
NASA Spotlites: Science for Students by Students
Learn how your students can create a video to help others with a common science misconception.The NASA Spotlite design task increases science literacy for student producers as well as viewers!
Create a Mars Exploration Game for Computer Science Education Week
Students engage in computational thinking, use math and include elements of real rover-mission planning to create a Mars exploration game using the Scratch programming language.
Wildfires and NASA
JPL Education shares some lessons to get students working with data as they learn how NASA studies wildfires from space.
Take the Driver's Seat on Sea Level Science
Computer models are critical tools for understanding the future of a changing planet, including melting ice, rising seas and shifting precipitation patterns. The new Virtual Earth System Laboratory (VESL), provides the public with a taste of how NASA models important Earth processes.
Cassini's Last Look at Saturn
After more than 13 years at Saturn, NASA's Cassini spacecraft bid farewell by capturing a last, full mosaic of Saturn and its rings two days before the spacecraft's dramatic plunge into the planet's atmosphere.